Vegetables & Soft fruits

Intra Hydro pure – Water hygiene for healthier crops

Water hygiene is very important for healthy growing. Pathogenic fungi, bacteria and viruses have a negative influence on your production results. These pathogens are often spread through the irrigation water. Hydro pure eliminates pathogens in the irrigation water with a low continuous dosage. Besides this disinfecting power Hydropure will also clean irrigation systems. It removes organic contamination and biofilm and ensures 100% guaranteed clean irrigation pipes. Hydropure is very efficient in eliminating crazy roots and other diseases caused by clavibacter, erwinina, pseudomonas, fusarium, phytopthora, pythium, etc. 

  • Stabilized hydrogen peroxide 50%
  • Strong cleaning and disinfection power
  • Fits perfectly in sustainable growing
  • Chlorine-free, no risk of dangerous residues
  • Registered disinfect for irrigation water, greenhouses and cultivation equipment



Intra Eco Shield – Create the natural defence

Intra Eco Shield helps in the formation of strong and healthy crops, with a better defence mechanism against pathogens. The main ingredient silicon will be deposited in the outer cell wall of the plants and this creates a natural defence shield, preventing penetration by fungi or insects. Intra Eco Shield can be integrated in the fertigation system or can be used as a foliar treatment. Intra Eco Shield is made from natural elements and will not leave any harmful residues on the plant or the environment.

  • Unique formula with a very high stability
  • Strengthens your crop by providing a shield with natural elements
  • Improved resistance to heat and drought stress
  • Prevents production losses caused by pathogenic fungi, bacteria and pests
  • Excellent absorption by foliar treatment or trough drip irrigation



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