Intra Hydro pure – Water hygiene for healthier crops

Good water quality is very important for sustainable production and healthy crops. Pathogenic fungi, bacteria and viruses spread very easily through irrigation water and are protected inside a biofilm which will build up inside irrigation pipes. A low and continuous Intra Hydro pure dosage ensures 100% guaranteed clean irrigation systems and eliminates pathogenic bacteria, fungi and viruses at the same time.

  • Ultra stabilized hydrogen peroxide
  • Removes organic biofilm in the complete irrigation system
  • Eliminates micro-organism in the irrigation water
  • Safe for humans, crops, equipment and the environment
  • Chlorine-free water treatment


Intra Hydro pure is an ultra-stabilized hydrogen peroxide. Dosed in the irrigation system, the slow release effect of Intra Hydro pure allows it to react in a controlled manner with encountered biofilm and pathogens. During this chemical reaction, Intra Hydro pure will dissolve into oxygen and water. Both of which are completely safe for humans, crops, equipment and the environment.

In contrary to most alternative products, Intra Hydro pure is not corrosive when used in its recommended concentration. Therefore equipment and materials will have a longer life span.

Intra Hydro pure works best when dosed at a continues but low dosage. Hydro pure will first slowly clean your irrigation system from biofilm without having the risk of blocked drippers. In the same time it will start killing pathogens. Intrahorti has there own microbiological laboratory where we can research on the number of bacteria and fungi(spores) in irrigation water. You will easily find bacteria like Agrobacterium, Clavibacter, Erwinia and Pseudonomas or fungi like Fusarium, Phytophthora or Pythium in your irrigation water. It is necessary to remove the biofilm and the pathogens from your pipeline.

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