Intra Eco Shield – Create the natural defence

Intra Eco Shield helps in the formation of strong and healthy crops, with a better defence mechanism against pathogens. The main ingredient silicon will be deposited in the outer cell wall of the plants and this creates a natural defence shield, preventing penetration by fungi or insects. Intra Eco Shield can be integrated in the fertigation system or can be used as a foliar treatment. Intra Eco Shield is made from natural products and will not leave any harmful residues on the plant or the environment.

  • Unique formula with a very high stability
  • Strengthens your crop by providing a shield with natural elements
  • Improved resistance to heat and drought stress
  • Prevents production losses caused by pathogenic fungi, bacteria and pests
  • Excellent absorption by foliar treatment or through drip irrigation


Intra Eco Shield is an unique formula with a high stability. It can be dosed as a foliar treatment as well as through the drip irrigation. Because of the unique formula the product can be highly absorbed by your crop. Intra Eco Shield is designed to help the plant in a curative way against any kind of stress. Think about heat stress, drought stress, salinity stress or stress by fungi or pest attacks. Besides creating a more vital plant against different kind of stresses growers also experience beneficial nutrient uptake.  

Intra Eco Shield is 100% biological and can be used for organic farming. 

Intra Eco Shield has proven to be successful against Powdery mildew, botrytis, phytophthora and pythium infections. The shield provided by Intra Eco Shield will not only form a physical barrier for fungi but also for viruses and bacteria. Penetrating the plant cell wall will be very difficult for those pathogens.

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